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Things that can make me SMILE :)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on May 25, 2010 by Mumui M.

1. Driving with the windows open while listening to colbie caillat songs~

2. italian foods !

3. love letters (awww…hheheh)

4. morning calls just to ask how iam.. (caiiiiirrr..)

5. notes on my family’s fridge (sometimes we write notes yg funny2 for mum & dad)

6. Rainbows

7. Happy couples  🙂

8. Chocolates! (of course)

9. Flowers 🙂

10. my room all tidied up and smells good all day 🙂

can i have this room for real? lawaaa berabis

11. Making eye contact with a stranger of my type (haha lol! p dalam ati kabak2)

i dunno who this guy is.. maybe an actor.. but if i happen to make eye contact with him senyum smpai ke telinga kali ku..ahah

12. a guy holding  kid/s happily (looks sweet)

I think thats just some of it…..  will post some in the future again.. nytess