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That time.. *sigh*

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Hello dear blog….. i miss you bloggie….. Junpyo has been keeping me company today… and i cried with him… he’s getting engaged soon and i’ll be all alone…. how can i move on with my life without him? i want to cry right now but i don’t want to.. i know im strong enough to let him go….

ahah ok forget about that…. thats just the after-effects of watching BOF for 5hours..ahah today’s just me, my coffee and my dvds…. been isolating myself today cos its that time of the month…. mood swing… yep, i have quite a strong swing in my mood when it comes to that time of the month…. im more sensitive, i always feel like crying over nothing, i don’t talk much, i become more of a thinker which can be quite dangerous….jengjengjeng.. cos most of the time, i’ll be thinking silly things.. deciding stupidly.. making a fool of myself….. it feels sooooooo wrong to be in this state…. but i’ll be okay soon…. 🙂 Good night you  lovely readers~ ❤

and i also tried making martabak tadi but inda menjadi… ceh! heheh sok ku cuba lagi! chaiyoo!! im planning to bake tomorrow……. peanut butter biscuits??oooonyums!  adios


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Dear blog…. if only you are human i really wanna cry on your shoulder… *sob*

Quiet Emotions by Judy Burnette

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I always wanted more from you
than you were willing to give;
So now we’ve gone our separate ways
each with different lives to live.

The bond will always be there
the friendship always intact;
But the time for us has come and gone
and the pages of time, you can’t turn back.

I will always be a friend to you
and wonder how you are;
The smiles and laughter I will remember
and our fights have become painless scars.

Sometimes on those busy days
when you’ve a thousand things to do;
Please let me glide slowly through your mind
and spend some time with you.

In that quiet moment
when you’re surprised to find me there;
Just remember even with the distance between us
I am still someone who cares.


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