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Things that can make me nervous

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on May 27, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hello friends 🙂 i had a really fun night tonight… syukran! Dad isn’t feeling well at the moment… i really wish dad will get well reaaaall soon :’) huhu

I wanna do the list thingy again but this time i wanna list THINGS/PEOPLE THAT CAN MAKE ME FEEL REALLY NERVOUS … jeng jeng jeng~ (the things are in random k)

1. Going into the Examination hall

cos ku takut jadi cani…

day dreaming or lost! nauzubillah!

2. Whole class presentations

cos ku takut jadi cani…

sleepy audience!ahah

3. Singing in the crowd

cos ku takut jadi cani…

ahaha WTH

4. Crossing the road while ada kereta menuggu.. ohmy! mcm2 th ku mijin tu.. urang nyumpah2 lah.. urang ngucap2lah..

cos ku takut jadi cani…

I hate you for making my crossing-road experience miserable.haha

5. urang liat2 kalau ku jogging….. menchii .. aku taulah aku ni ‘fit’.. huhu

cos these people make me uncomfortable

get a life

ahaha ok thats just about it.. cos i wanna hit the bed real soon.. wanna finish up reading my novel 🙂 Night2 my lovely readers.. do drop in your comments  if you have anything to share or whatever.. it’ll be my pleasure 🙂

Things that can make me SMILE :)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on May 25, 2010 by Mumui M.

1. Driving with the windows open while listening to colbie caillat songs~

2. italian foods !

3. love letters (awww…hheheh)

4. morning calls just to ask how iam.. (caiiiiirrr..)

5. notes on my family’s fridge (sometimes we write notes yg funny2 for mum & dad)

6. Rainbows

7. Happy couples  🙂

8. Chocolates! (of course)

9. Flowers 🙂

10. my room all tidied up and smells good all day 🙂

can i have this room for real? lawaaa berabis

11. Making eye contact with a stranger of my type (haha lol! p dalam ati kabak2)

i dunno who this guy is.. maybe an actor.. but if i happen to make eye contact with him senyum smpai ke telinga kali ku..ahah

12. a guy holding  kid/s happily (looks sweet)

I think thats just some of it…..  will post some in the future again.. nytess