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Grocery musical :)

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Gifts for the park

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Personally, i think this is soo amazing….  Katie (the photographer i mentioned in my earlier post) gave presents to people n dogs in the park..  cool what! look..

It’s so lovely outside that I decided to go to the park and leave little presents for everyone..

this is for the kids

this is for the adults.. sweet

and tennis balls for the dogs..heheh cute!

just another update

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I finished reading this novel this morning .. and i cant get over it.. ia indalah sehebat bicara hati or adam hawa but it is really something worth reading.. and jalan cetanya buat tani mau baca n baca lagi cos we wanna know what happen to them.. pa yg menyentuh hati ku is their husbands yang really2 memahami.. and they care sssoooooooo much about their wives.. tenangis ku jua.. sweet! my ratings:

Jalan cerita : 8/10
Sedih : 7/10
characters: 7/10 (laki drg sweet berabis)

My rating : 22/ 30 (ceh! mcm cigu..hehe)

Im currently into this lady’s blog… lawa berabis gambar2nya.. and if i were to be a photographer i wanna take pictures just like hers…. soooo colourful and cheerful! Really made my day looking at her blog :)))

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