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Mr. Brown ku

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 4, 2010 by Mumui M.

I cant sleep.. Blame it on mr.brown. I just knew that mr.brown nw has new looks n new tastes.. The rectangular shape bottle ones (or is it lama sdh ada?haha ketingalan jaman bnr..) Really sophisticated look compared to the old ones. But i still go for the old vanilla coffee mr.brown taste.. Mmmnyums! my bestfriend time exam n if i have to drive to bandar early in the morning.a must!

Watched ‘gila bola’ tadi with the lil brother,akim.. Dulu pernah liat ceta ni cos ada DR.FAZLEY! Haha bt i didnt remember that it was funney.. Langking2 jua ketawa..haha i love the part masa opie zami said, ‘dia cinta awak dengan harga diri’ aseh! Lame jualh cetanya tapi cos ia cali so me n my brother enjoyed watching it 🙂 awesome..

My brother, Ajes, officially started his work patang tadi.. Full time worker.. His shift starts at 6.30pm sampai pagi krg. I prepared him dinnerbox.. Masak tempura prawn for him with nasi.. Tapau Maggi cawan.. The utensils and drinks.. 🙂

bah bah, tdur dulu.. Slmat malam