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Posted in Uncategorized on July 22, 2010 by Mumui M.

Do visit

Selamat Datang

Posted in Uncategorized on July 8, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hello friends~ my friend send me a message tadi telling me her email address..ahah nagging ya mcm babu..ahah awuu aa privacy jua tu email address indakan ku suruh gto arah comment box.. ahah now my comments are moderated so you can just leave your email address here and i’ll delete it without posting or you can inbox me rah facebook k.. my blogspot updated plg sudah p inda plg penting sangat lah…ehehe sorry laaa nyusahkan.. the readers in my blogspot ilang bah..huhuhu so i have to reinsert the address lagi semula.. maybe tesalah takan kali… bah atu saja.. sibuk ku masa ni marinate ayam tuk BBQ krg..hehe so long.. this will probably my last post here…… i’ll sure will miss you my bloggie~

i miss you

Posted in Uncategorized on July 7, 2010 by Mumui M.

yey…… i wanna sleep.. had a great 2 days outing with the bestest people in the world 😀 Wanna wake up later to watch the WC.. i miss you bloggie.. 2 hari inda masuk sini cm 2 taun.. sadang2 eh dari antadi sdh emosi.. will update later if ku rajin…… nytes~

ps: im planning to make my blog private.. p wordpress ni inda ku pandai buat ia private and masukkan email.. blurrr.. buta IT tah kali ku sudah..hohoho so maybe i’ll revert to my blogspot blog, cos sanang private.. do leave me ur email in the comment box if you’re interested~ cheers~

A bliss

Posted in Uncategorized on July 4, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hello kamu~~~ its sunday~~ lawa oohh weather masa ni.. sunny but mendung jua sikit2.. my room table is purposely placed dkt tabuk plg cos i just love watching the views from my room… ada pokok kelapa.. fluffy clouds.. our neighbours houses… our beach (walaupun inda nmpak but still can hear the sound of the waves if buka the windows..) so kampung and lovely.. feel so blessed to live in this lovely village.. im bored and i cant wait for school~~ yey! 🙂 and ooohh… will meet the lovely ladies tomorrow!! yey again~~

For us

Posted in Uncategorized on July 4, 2010 by Mumui M.

The words letting go, holding on and moving on are  like brothers and sisters… they come together as a package.. no matter how hard you try, most of the time in our hurtful sorrow moments in life, those are the things you need to do to go through life wholeheartedly… forget all the dreams that keep us holding on for whatever reason it should or could have been cos those dreams are not meant to be if it is not meant to be.. oprah once said, ‘woman still hold on because they still hold on to their dreams but if they look closer to reality, they will be long gone’.. im actually telling this to myself.. we dont wanna cling to those dreams made for us from someone who does not seem to mean it or as a matter of fact, said it JUST SO it sound nice and sweet to the heart cos that someone knows and thinks that we, the ladies, will buy it.. how cruel……. yes, we can be stupid and weak at times.. but we, woman are smart creatures… we are strong in heart.. (Y) So ya, remember the 3 terms ladies….. we can do it! When the right time comes.. he will come eventually… Good things come to those who wait.. 🙂 CHEERS!

Pablo Hubby

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hello kamu~~

Previous Worldcup i use to be a supporter of Argentina because of this guy…


I think he’s not playing in the WC this season, right??? but for the sake of Pablo Aimar.. mlm ni i’ll be rooting for Argentina.. semangat bekobar2 ku ni kan meliat..hehe maybe ill grab some of my brother’s face paints warna biru putih and paint my face with it… hmmmm sounds like a brilliant idea for a crazy girl who just started to love watching worldcup that’s about to end and can only shout for GOALLLLLL..ahahaha! better late than never bah..ahah defensive..

bah k kan makan chocolatos  dulu…


Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hello again…… paning ku paning… ni 2nd match ku liat WC spanjang WC taun ani.. haha ok not a biggy2 plg tu but biggy2 for me.. im not really a big fan of football but ikut mood ku lah.. lau ku rajin meliat melakat th ku tu.. gilleeerr semangat berabis ku meliat match tadi atu.. BRA vs NED aaa… hohoho emossssiii kamu~ mcm naik rollercoaster rasaku.. im not going to write comments on it pasal ijap ku salah..hehe but it was a great match tho~ siuuuk2.. nyanyat ku.. hehe abis match mcm kanyat2 rasa kepala ku.. psl kuat teriak atu kali… cmpur lagi sama teriak2 adi2 ku.. teriak2 jantan ni lain kali aaa..ahah mcm inda nyaring p nyaring..ahah mana saja.. campur teriak ayu2 ku lagi.. nah paning tia ku jadinya.. i think im lacking H2O kali… i think im gonna simpan jug air rah meja bilik ku ni.. so that i always remember tuk minum air.. actually im waiting for my baking life cakes to bake.. sejam lagi.. ayoooo.. yatah ku beblog ni.. twitter overcapcity saja dari antadi.. stress ku.. p biasa sdh ni.. lau time WC match, an hour after WC match grenti overcapacity saja.. kaluk tu mun dapat masuk twitter time2 cematu..

i bought this tadi.. i love it.. dlmnya 12 sticks for $2.60.. worth it.. inda manis but nyaman.. ate this while watching Cinderella Man, a K-series.. baru 1st and 2nd epi ku liat.. siuukk.. p heronya tu cm.. hmmmmmmm… not my type..ahah jht… hmmm.. 45 mins lagi… might as well menderma airmata meliat windstruck…. bye2.. lau ku boring2 ada ku mengacau lagi tu..heheh tidur th kamu~~ *upuk2* :p

me want

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hello.. feeling abit mellow today and i feel like watching my all time favourite tear-jerking K-movies.. Windstruck and a moment to remember~~

Siuuk ni lau menangis raung2…. maybe later…. tata


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~ Semoga mampu ku lawan kesepian ku ~

Happy :D *edited*

Posted in Uncategorized on July 1, 2010 by Mumui M.

Hi kamu~ I just finished cooking buttermilk chicken for mum ❤ 🙂 now kan update a lil bit bout my yesterday. since $$$ was out yesterday, so i treated my brothers liat wayang.. including c akim.. inda ia ugama..hehe we watched Toy Story 3 at the mall~~ unbelievably sedih.. jarang ku meliat ceta cartoon menangis except for ratatouille and nemo kali if inda silap ku plus im not a fan of toystory jua but watched it instead cos mau bawa the lil brother liat wyg 🙂 kamu pernah before wayang tu kana mainkan ceta cartoon day and night kah? ia cm iklan plg p freaking batah.. mcm 10min kali then inda lagi calii tu.. arrrrr… sikit lagi kami pikir kami salah masuk wayang.. nada warning nada apa mcm iath sudah tu wayang aaa.. becalii..

ok moving on, siuuk lah toystory 3 tu… masa drg sikit lagi terbakar cos temasuk arah logi sampah.. sedih berabis.. and masa last2 pun sedih.. jalan ceritanya pun siuuuukk endless actions.. 9/10! After wyg, jln2 sekajap rh chonghock then mum2 rh centerpoint foodcourt.. burrrp! kanyang..

this was mine.. all mine..wakakaka~ nyaman.. look at the sauce and the seafoodsss  bnyk berabis.. nyaman!

i ordered my favourite rojak too, sotong + cucur keladi.. nyums! ajem ordered dimsum too..

this is ajem’s favourite, american fried rice.. ajem & ajes orderd this while akem ordered nasi ayam.. hehe kesian akim lapas ia makan kanyang berabis smpai kan tetidur.. hehe i also tapau untuk babah rojak sotong + kangkong. hehe cali ni masa ku order..

i said, “rojak sotong + kailan aaa”

the chinese guy said, ‘kailan?’

me – “awuu yg ijau2 tu..”

C.G. – “ooo kangkung ka?”

me- hehehe *ketawa control ayu* “aah awu kangkong”

C.G. – depan?

me- *instantly liat cash registernya di dapan co i tot ia srh liat harganya rh dapan cash register*

C.G. – *laugh*  “kamu duduk dapan sini ka?”

me – haha *ani ketawa tutup malu* “awu”

CG – *laugh again* “ok tunggu sekejap aaaa” ( malu ku bah maluuuu.. nasib jua this chinese guy friendly)

Then singgah ke kadai sebalah kadai uncle K.. rh kadai manik cos mum bekirim manik.. fames ni kadai ani.. kira setaraf hokko but theirs are much cheaper.. so balikan kiriman mama.. singgah kadai uncle K kajap (rugi jua tu inda singgah bukan sanang kan belurih parking di sana..ahah dasar) wanted to buy K-series personal preference aka personal taste cos junpyo is in it.. but the lady said alum ada lagi.. saw BOF dvd set.. kan ku bali sudah.. i miss BOF 😦 then singgah lagi ke huaho tutong for some grocery shopping.. cutee the lil borther mau surung trolley..hehe shop some foods and stuffs.. wanted to buy durian montong p abis.. frust!

Thanks so much to Ayu for the lovely bag and tudung for me and sis 🙂 love it~ susah2 saja.. 🙂

bah mandi ku dulu