Selamat Datang

Hello friends~ my friend send me a message tadi telling me her email address..ahah nagging ya mcm babu..ahah awuu aa privacy jua tu email address indakan ku suruh gto arah comment box.. ahah now my comments are moderated so you can just leave your email address here and i’ll delete it without posting or you can inbox me rah facebook k.. my blogspot updated plg sudah p inda plg penting sangat lah…ehehe sorry laaa nyusahkan.. the readers in my blogspot ilang bah..huhuhu so i have to reinsert the address lagi semula.. maybe tesalah takan kali… bah atu saja.. sibuk ku masa ni marinate ayam tuk BBQ krg..hehe so long.. this will probably my last post here…… i’ll sure will miss you my bloggie~

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