For us

The words letting go, holding on and moving on are  like brothers and sisters… they come together as a package.. no matter how hard you try, most of the time in our hurtful sorrow moments in life, those are the things you need to do to go through life wholeheartedly… forget all the dreams that keep us holding on for whatever reason it should or could have been cos those dreams are not meant to be if it is not meant to be.. oprah once said, ‘woman still hold on because they still hold on to their dreams but if they look closer to reality, they will be long gone’.. im actually telling this to myself.. we dont wanna cling to those dreams made for us from someone who does not seem to mean it or as a matter of fact, said it JUST SO it sound nice and sweet to the heart cos that someone knows and thinks that we, the ladies, will buy it.. how cruel……. yes, we can be stupid and weak at times.. but we, woman are smart creatures… we are strong in heart.. (Y) So ya, remember the 3 terms ladies….. we can do it! When the right time comes.. he will come eventually… Good things come to those who wait.. 🙂 CHEERS!

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