The big O!

Here i am again updating my blog..   if you ask me what i have on my lappy wallpaper, i’ll showya  a quote made by my very personal favourite role-model, Oprah Winfrey, all her quotes are very inspiring (yes, im a girl who gets inspired by quotes pretty much all throughout my lifetime) she said,

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. ”

Few months ago, i had this problem about feeling rather depressed of feeling ‘LESS’.. LESS in everything.. financially, emotionally, physically, soulfully.. i become someone of low self-worth.. i don’t have the guts to stand up on myself.. on my own opinions and on my own beliefs.. i ‘hate’ myself at that time.. then i found that quote from Oprah and i really wanna thank her for being the angel at that time of depression.. i moved on with my life thanking the things that i have.. everyday i try to be the best with what i have.. i have my loving family, my funny and wonderful friends, my nice cousins, i have a lovely home-sweet-home.. everyday i spent my time being happy appreciating everything i’ve got.. they are all gifts from Allah Ta’ala.. 🙂 ❤

Abud-Darda’ Radhiyallahu anhu berkata. “Apabila Allah telah menetapkan suatu takdir, maka yang paling dicintai-Nya adalah meridhai takdir-Nya”

BTW, I Love this guy… zulmazran the malaysia bowling player.. 🙂

if you ask me, usul2 my mr.right.. cani lah ala2 nya.. yang sederhana, humble look , have that sweet humble smile, fatherly look.. me like toh!hahah

So long,

Yours truly,

hahah *wink*

4 Responses to “The big O!”

  1. handsome muiiiiiiii

  2. ahha thanks ros… awuuu hansem aaa… tepikat ku masa ia kiss pipi mamanya..heheh

  3. me likey!! 😛

  4. ahah thanks ka!! hows miri?? smuakah tutup parkson ka? inda ku sbr ri 2..heeh $$$ g keluar..weeeee

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