Salam~ im pretty bored at the moment so i thought of updating the blog..

My friend, Mastura, got married today.. so happy for her but I could not come to her wedding.. but I pray for their forever-lasting marriage happily-ever-after with many cute kids..hehe Amin…

My cousins, g.jek, stayed home last night and gave me lots of TV series… waaaaa… Me  soo sakai.. but still havent got the mood to start watching the series.. most of the series start from season 1 until the recent one.. currently still watching BOF 🙂 Saranghabnida BOF 😀 heheh

Baked lasagna for the family today.. nyums.. and we watched DO RE MI.. had a really good laugh.. did you guys watched Jejak P.Ramlee in melodi today? so motivating.. in terms of cara2 Allahyarham P.Ramlee work.. he always wanted to give his best in everything he did~ Feel like mau liat seniman bujang lapok, or pendekar bujang lapok or ali baba bujang lapok.. three of my favourites..

The best

i wanna watch beastmaster.. dulu fames ni ceta ni.. ku minat berabis dulu.. im trying to download the series.. i love beastmaster punya bestfriend, Tao..


Yey! found beastmaster in youtube.. just might as well watch it there.. siuk2~~ (macam semua jua kan ku liat ani aaa..hmmm..)

Found these cute pictures.. heheh 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Yours truly,

Mumui M.

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