My friday

Hi friends!!! 😀

How was your friday? well its 12.01 am plg sdh ni.. 2 minutes late betanya..kekek mine jalan2 with the sibs tadi to Seria.. waaaa lama banar sudah inda ke seria.. kadai2 nya pun bnyk yang lama2 sudah.. i love the Economy Mart di sana.. siuuk.. time bali2 tu ingat plg kan hostel…. i wonder next semester canakah kehidupan ku di hostel.. since its the last semester i hope i’ll make full use of my time there.. then watched couple of movies at home with the brothers.. we watched the BLODDY ninja assassin.. rain was super duper hot di sana.. liat badan saja..sudah liat muanya indath ku..ahah then watched Kungfu Panda rh HBO.. Since the lil brother inda berani liat sendiri so i accompanied him liat for the 5th time kali ku liat ceta ni.. but i don’t mind cos its one of my favourite cartoon.. i love PO The Fat Lazy Panda.. so cute!!! and i start watching Boys over flowers DVD Box borrowed from Ayu.. siuuk cetanya.. im not into pretty boys tho but they are pretty stunning so how can i resist the charm??..ahaha

and i watch the first epi of this jua…

first task of the first week sudah challenging.. they have to mandikan jenazah kira jenazah yang inda kana tuntut cos ada special case.. sayu hati ku.. tersentuh lah hati kewanitaan ku.. really really a good show to watch.. this week nada penyikiran and what i like is nada undian2 segala.. semua kana nilai uleh orang2 yang bertauliah.. good! so far yang menyangkut rh ku is Ashraf..aha..

Now im blog visiting.. i love reading these two blogs.. our Bruneian blog  jua.. (im soooo jelous.. siuuk lifenyaa) & (cos she speaks my heart most of the time.. got connection..hehe)

Yours truly,

M.M. ❤

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