Twitterless (edited with add-ons)

Hello allz (cm ala2 azwan ali..haha) my announcement is that (inda plg penting sgt ni..hehe) … i’ll no longer be a tweep / tweeple / twitterians (whatever it is).. Cos i deactivate my account dah.. good bye twitter world~ my reasons? Just wana spend more quality time with the family cos i spend so much time on twitting.. My time on twitting can be exchanged to spending time with the precious family (get me?) hehe i was thinking di malam.. y bagun pagi twitter, sebelum tidur twitter.. what if i change that to something more meaninful.. cam bangun pagi baca buku kah.. sebelum tidur masuk bilik my parent kah.. something catu.. hehe N i also wna get rid of its addiction..aku ni kalau addicted pyh sikit ni kalau buleh 24jam tah ku kan betwitter.. cm FB dulu jua.. 24jam tah kan beFB.. then ku deactivate my FB for sometime dulu.. now my life does not evolve around FB that much lagi.. now aku more to main game FB saja which is quite ok cos game FB inda dapat main pakai HP..hehe apakan.. i know plg this is not a big deal..ahaha but it is for me cos there was the time when twitter got over my life without me realising it.. u know.. when someone say to you something and it just hit you.. well my family owes tagur plg… ‘betwitter th ganya..’ so now here iam making a tiny decision in my life that can change my life maybe to a better me.. i hope so.. If the right time comes, maybe ku bka blik bt for now i just wna be twitterless..hehe so long, tadaaa~ i’ll be around here.. and FB.. 🙂

PS: to all twitters, enjoy twitting~ 🙂 don’t miss me too much (ahah apakan…)

2 Responses to “Twitterless (edited with add-ons)”

  1. do come back k?? heheh x))

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