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Salam~ im pretty bored at the moment so i thought of updating the blog..

My friend, Mastura, got married today.. so happy for her but I could not come to her wedding.. but I pray for their forever-lasting marriage happily-ever-after with many cute kids..hehe Amin…

My cousins, g.jek, stayed home last night and gave me lots of TV series… waaaaa… Me  soo sakai.. but still havent got the mood to start watching the series.. most of the series start from season 1 until the recent one.. currently still watching BOF 🙂 Saranghabnida BOF 😀 heheh

Baked lasagna for the family today.. nyums.. and we watched DO RE MI.. had a really good laugh.. did you guys watched Jejak P.Ramlee in melodi today? so motivating.. in terms of cara2 Allahyarham P.Ramlee work.. he always wanted to give his best in everything he did~ Feel like mau liat seniman bujang lapok, or pendekar bujang lapok or ali baba bujang lapok.. three of my favourites..

The best

i wanna watch beastmaster.. dulu fames ni ceta ni.. ku minat berabis dulu.. im trying to download the series.. i love beastmaster punya bestfriend, Tao..


Yey! found beastmaster in youtube.. just might as well watch it there.. siuk2~~ (macam semua jua kan ku liat ani aaa..hmmm..)

Found these cute pictures.. heheh 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Yours truly,

Mumui M.

I never told you

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I love this lady so much and her music are always awesome to my ears… Currently addicted to this song.. yes addicted much.. played this song the whole day..ahaha Love you Colbie!

Creative inventions

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ahah pillow lap.. creative aaa.. nyaman tidur tu..hehe

ahah the new trend umbrella

cute ooo.. the japanese created this square shape watermelon so that it’ll be easier to carry.. woo creative aa.. and easy to cut to.. i wonder if it still taste like normal watermelons

Poll to help me decide :) hehe Do leave your vote/s

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My friday

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Hi friends!!! 😀

How was your friday? well its 12.01 am plg sdh ni.. 2 minutes late betanya..kekek mine jalan2 with the sibs tadi to Seria.. waaaa lama banar sudah inda ke seria.. kadai2 nya pun bnyk yang lama2 sudah.. i love the Economy Mart di sana.. siuuk.. time bali2 tu ingat plg kan hostel…. i wonder next semester canakah kehidupan ku di hostel.. since its the last semester i hope i’ll make full use of my time there.. then watched couple of movies at home with the brothers.. we watched the BLODDY ninja assassin.. rain was super duper hot di sana.. liat badan saja..sudah liat muanya indath ku..ahah then watched Kungfu Panda rh HBO.. Since the lil brother inda berani liat sendiri so i accompanied him liat for the 5th time kali ku liat ceta ni.. but i don’t mind cos its one of my favourite cartoon.. i love PO The Fat Lazy Panda.. so cute!!! and i start watching Boys over flowers DVD Box borrowed from Ayu.. siuuk cetanya.. im not into pretty boys tho but they are pretty stunning so how can i resist the charm??..ahaha

and i watch the first epi of this jua…

first task of the first week sudah challenging.. they have to mandikan jenazah kira jenazah yang inda kana tuntut cos ada special case.. sayu hati ku.. tersentuh lah hati kewanitaan ku.. really really a good show to watch.. this week nada penyikiran and what i like is nada undian2 segala.. semua kana nilai uleh orang2 yang bertauliah.. good! so far yang menyangkut rh ku is Ashraf..aha..

Now im blog visiting.. i love reading these two blogs.. our Bruneian blog  jua.. (im soooo jelous.. siuuk lifenyaa) & (cos she speaks my heart most of the time.. got connection..hehe)

Yours truly,

M.M. ❤

Things that can make me nervous

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Hello friends 🙂 i had a really fun night tonight… syukran! Dad isn’t feeling well at the moment… i really wish dad will get well reaaaall soon :’) huhu

I wanna do the list thingy again but this time i wanna list THINGS/PEOPLE THAT CAN MAKE ME FEEL REALLY NERVOUS … jeng jeng jeng~ (the things are in random k)

1. Going into the Examination hall

cos ku takut jadi cani…

day dreaming or lost! nauzubillah!

2. Whole class presentations

cos ku takut jadi cani…

sleepy audience!ahah

3. Singing in the crowd

cos ku takut jadi cani…

ahaha WTH

4. Crossing the road while ada kereta menuggu.. ohmy! mcm2 th ku mijin tu.. urang nyumpah2 lah.. urang ngucap2lah..

cos ku takut jadi cani…

I hate you for making my crossing-road experience miserable.haha

5. urang liat2 kalau ku jogging….. menchii .. aku taulah aku ni ‘fit’.. huhu

cos these people make me uncomfortable

get a life

ahaha ok thats just about it.. cos i wanna hit the bed real soon.. wanna finish up reading my novel 🙂 Night2 my lovely readers.. do drop in your comments  if you have anything to share or whatever.. it’ll be my pleasure 🙂


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Twitterless (edited with add-ons)

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Hello allz (cm ala2 azwan ali..haha) my announcement is that (inda plg penting sgt ni..hehe) … i’ll no longer be a tweep / tweeple / twitterians (whatever it is).. Cos i deactivate my account dah.. good bye twitter world~ my reasons? Just wana spend more quality time with the family cos i spend so much time on twitting.. My time on twitting can be exchanged to spending time with the precious family (get me?) hehe i was thinking di malam.. y bagun pagi twitter, sebelum tidur twitter.. what if i change that to something more meaninful.. cam bangun pagi baca buku kah.. sebelum tidur masuk bilik my parent kah.. something catu.. hehe N i also wna get rid of its addiction..aku ni kalau addicted pyh sikit ni kalau buleh 24jam tah ku kan betwitter.. cm FB dulu jua.. 24jam tah kan beFB.. then ku deactivate my FB for sometime dulu.. now my life does not evolve around FB that much lagi.. now aku more to main game FB saja which is quite ok cos game FB inda dapat main pakai HP..hehe apakan.. i know plg this is not a big deal..ahaha but it is for me cos there was the time when twitter got over my life without me realising it.. u know.. when someone say to you something and it just hit you.. well my family owes tagur plg… ‘betwitter th ganya..’ so now here iam making a tiny decision in my life that can change my life maybe to a better me.. i hope so.. If the right time comes, maybe ku bka blik bt for now i just wna be twitterless..hehe so long, tadaaa~ i’ll be around here.. and FB.. 🙂

PS: to all twitters, enjoy twitting~ 🙂 don’t miss me too much (ahah apakan…)


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Keep in touch… I have something to announce later..

Things that can make me SMILE :)

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1. Driving with the windows open while listening to colbie caillat songs~

2. italian foods !

3. love letters (awww…hheheh)

4. morning calls just to ask how iam.. (caiiiiirrr..)

5. notes on my family’s fridge (sometimes we write notes yg funny2 for mum & dad)

6. Rainbows

7. Happy couples  🙂

8. Chocolates! (of course)

9. Flowers 🙂

10. my room all tidied up and smells good all day 🙂

can i have this room for real? lawaaa berabis

11. Making eye contact with a stranger of my type (haha lol! p dalam ati kabak2)

i dunno who this guy is.. maybe an actor.. but if i happen to make eye contact with him senyum smpai ke telinga kali ku..ahah

12. a guy holding  kid/s happily (looks sweet)

I think thats just some of it…..  will post some in the future again.. nytess